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The number one DJ school teaching you the real way to create the DJ career of your dreams.


Stop struggling learning how to mix by yourself, it will never work.

Stop wasting time waiting around for the leads to start coming in,

Start learning how real the real pro's are doing it.

This isn't your average DJ School

Learn to DJ like a true professional

We get it,


DJing can be hard.


But it doesn't have to be...


The DJ Connect is here to help you move from just a beginner,


Down a proven path to success.


With our online courses, you’ll discover how to mix, beat match, and scratch like a professional.


And than, once you have learned the skills,


We'll teach you how to start marketing yourself, and actually book real paying gigs


We’ll teach you how to get booked and grow your DJ business


Guided by pro DJs, we will show you how


By teaching you the exact processes that leaders of the industry are using right now.


This isn't your average DJ school….

DJ Mentorships

We truly care about the success of our students, and only deliver the best content.

  • DJ hardware and software

    Not sure whether to get Serato or Traktor? Virtual DJ or Rekordbox?


    If you are confused on this, we understand and can point you in the right direction.


  • Scratching

    Have been DJing for awhile but still cant learn how to scratch? We break this down foundationally.


    How to beatmatch, how to scratch, learn the secret ninja tricks on how pro djs make mixes and mixtapes sound so amazing.

  • Marketing

    This is how you get your name out. How do you start booking your first gigs?

    How do you create a website and start getting leads.


    We break down HOW to get gigs quickly, and get your DJ career rolling immediately.

  • Cueing and beatmatching

    This is the foundation of DJing. We teach this in a completely different way than you might be used to.


    You will learn how to beatmatch after this course.  We guarantee it.

  • serato screen

    Crates + Songs

    Not sure how to organize your crates for your next party? We got you covered.


    Breaking down the best ways to organize your music inside of your crates to crush any party.

  • Sales

    You got your first leads coming in, your marketing is on point, and your phone is actually ringing. 

    What do you do?


    You have to get that sale, and we teach you the proper way to do it. Old sleazy sales tactics don't work anymore. It's all about ethical influence.

Stop wasting time

Tried programs already that don't work?

We have a proven 5 step system

We have been DJing for over 15 years, and have taught countless people how to DJ.


We really break it down, how YOU need to learn


If you are struggling learning how to mix


And you don't understand music theory and structure,


You are going to have a hard time learning how to mix and DJ.


We teach you the RIGHT way.

              Stop Waiting For Your Dreams, Take Action Now!                  

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    1. This is the game changer.
    2. Be around other DJs who are doing the exact same thing.
    3. They say your NET WORTH = your NETWORK.
    4. Network with some of the best DJs on the planet, all with the same goal of leveling up their businesses.
  • Immediate Access To The Instant DJ Blueprint ($997 value)


    As a monthly member you get


    1. FREE access to the Instant DJ Blueprint course.
    2. This is a full and complete DJ education program.
    3. Find you WHO you want to serve
    4. What events you want to DJ
    5. When can you start getting paying gigs
    6. Where can you DJ
    7. WHY you want to be a DJ?
    8. And the HOW to create a SUCCESSFUL DJ business.

Andrew Lindley

Sound Killa

Create a real career in the DJ industry

  • Network With Real DJs

    Network with other real DJs who are all working to the same goal. Learn the secrets that real industry DJ leaders are using in their business right now.

  • We have proven results

    We have a proven path that has worked for many other DJs. Stop wasting time with stuff that doesn't work.

  • Find Your Why

    If you want to truly succeed in this game, you need to know WHY you want it,

    This is the core of all success, and what other programs are missing,

  • Stop wasting your time

    Practicing the wrong way is the biggest reason most new DJs fail. Don't let overwhelm and frustration slow down your dreams.

    Learn from REAL DJ's, learn the correct way, and gain real confidence.

Why You Need The DJ Connect?​

We've seen it over and over again.


You bought a new controller thinking that's all you needed.

You struggled for a few weeks,

and than you gave up.


Don't worry!


You're not alone......


We have a simple 5 step process to take you from where you are now,

to where you want to go!


The Instant DJ Blueprint

Grab the FREE eBook and find out the 5 quick steps to DJ success.

Module #1

Creating your DJ company.


We make your dream a reality within the first module.

  • Commit - go all in and create the business. 

  • Who do you want to DJ for? Clubs. Weddings, Corporate Events? What kind of events for you want to Dj for?

  • Why? Do you want to become a DJ? This is one of the most important questions you need to answer, and we'll teach you how.

  • How do I actually make this  real? Marketing, Momentum and Mastery. We'll teach you how to make this real.

Module #2

Mixing Class

We teach it, how you need to learn.


Music theory, song structure, and more.


This is the foundation.

  • Music Theory The most important piece of learning how to mix

  • Song Structure, Once you learn how music and songs are structured, you'll never mess up another mix again

  • Beatmatching, well teach you how to beatmatch like the pros. How professional Djs mix constantly all night. The real ultra ninja behind closed down secrets real pro club DJs use.

  • Remixing, Learn how to create your own remix, and literally beatmatch acapella's and instrumentals on the fly.

And much, much more.


If you're still struggling learning how to DJ....


This is the place for you.


We have trained countless DJs


Learn how to beatmatch, scratch, and mix.


Turn your DJ career around TODAY.

What Customers Say

“Andrew truly know's what he is talking about when it comes to DJing. He taught me how to beatmatch in literally 2 days. When you practice PROPERLY it's crazy how quick you can learn when you learn the right way. THANK YOU ANDREW!!!”

DJ Quan

John Canpelli

“This is one of the best decisions I ever made in my DJ career. Changed everything in the way I thought about how I could be a DJ. Taught me how to create a real career and a real business.”

DJ Landmark

Jason Townsend

“Andrew taught me everything I know about DJing. Within 2 years I have a successful business up and running, and honestly had no clue what I was doing before I met him. He changed my business!!!! Taught me how to use Facebook ads and now my phone is ringing again.”

DJ Kowalsky

Janet K



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Andrew Lindley

The DJ Connect

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  2. What do EQ's do?
  3. Don't even know how the equipment works?



Take our intro course!



Join the dopest DJ fam on the internet.


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Biz Owner

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